You may have heard that we do catering. If you hadn’t heard — we do catering. Which is kind of a big deal. After all, it’s not just any old burger joint that does catering. Not all receive the privilege. Our burgers-to-you service began after we received a very important phone call. We received said very important phone call from none other than the Queen of Denmark — not her PA or kitchen-hand but Queen Margrethe II herself.

She had been hungover one day and while lounging on the couch watching reruns of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, she was scrolling on Wolt for some greasy takeaway. She ended up ordering a YOBURGER bacon ‘n’ avocado (double) menu with extra truffle mayo. She was SO insanely happy with her food (mainly because it completely abolished her hangover and the taste of stale cigarettes in her mouth) that she tweeted that day “den her er simpelthen den bedste burger i hele København… nej… DANMARK!”. After her tweet gained so much traction, she had an idea. For her upcoming 100th birthday, she wanted YOBURGER to cater. Unlimited YOBURGERS for everyone. That was her birthday wish.

At the time, we were just a humble little burger shop in a quiet street of Copenhagen. We had never catered to a friday bar, let alone a royal birthday. But she is the queen after all, and she offered us free Tivoli tickets as a bribe so we agreed. So we catered her birthday party of 453 people, which equated to 1340 burgers. And that, our friends, was the beginning of our catering journey. Now, after ticking off the royal wedding, Copenhagen Fashion Week, the Britney Spears concert and the World Cup, we’re staying a little more low key and catering to all your party, fredagsbar, meeting, after-work, studenterfest and festival needs. Our philosophy is simple: we bring literally everything, especially the good vibes. You sit there (or stand/dance, whatever you like) with your hands behind your head and take it all in.

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