You may be familiar with our four burger shops around Copenhagen:there’s the OG on Nørregade, its baby brother on Gothersgade and their little sister on Østerbrogade. Something you may not know is that we have a fourth shop. This one is a little different, though. You can’t order takeaway from it. You can’t eat-in. You can’t even find it on Google. Its location changes like the wind (which, in Copenhagen, is very damn frequently). It is also the smallest of the five. And although we’re referring to it as our ‘fifth’ shop, it was actually the first. Which is confusing, but anyway.

Way, way back, the YO founder, Patty, bought a shabby, red camper van for 500kr at a garage sale. He lived in it for a while. Rented it out to two guys called Walter and Jesse for a while. Lived in it again. He went through a Mexican phase and started selling tacos from the back window. Then he moved on from tacos and became obsessed with burgers. Not just any burgers, though — he wanted to figure out what makes the best burger on the planet. So, this humble little trailer became known as the Burger Laboratory.

Much like a mad scientist, he began researching and testing what it is that makes good burgers so damn delicious. And, as part of his research, to create the ultimate burger, he knew he had to find the best ingredients in the whole world. So he went to another garage sale, bought the propellers of a vintage helicopter, attached them to the top of the van and set off on his journey. He landed first in Italy, where he gathered the ripest, juiciest tomatoes from a family-run farm in Campania. He then made his way to China to harvest some of the world’s finest iceberg lettuce from the hills of Duanzhou, before stopping off in Marseille to collect a few buckets of truffle for his mayonnaise. The flying Burger Lab then landed in Oaxaca for the finishing spicy touches of the chipotle sauce, only to then drive across the Mexican border, entering the U.S. and heading straight for Kentucky to pick up some of their classic American cheddar cheese. The beef, he sampled along the way but nothing proved good enough for his burger. Even America’s best were not up to his standard.

So he made his way home, camper van filled with the world’s best ingredients, ready for frying and stacking. And as he did, he landed in a field of happy, chubby cows. Some would call it luck. Some fate. Some dangerous and illegal. But the cows were perfect. And willing to help him carry out his dream. So selfless. Months later, when he finally got it right — two pieces of soft, toasted brioche dipped in melted Belgian butter, smothered with a layer of a dream-like orange condiment, lettuce and tomatoes so deliciously fresh, a single sizzling slice of all American cheddar cheese and the most sweet, tender, juicy, mouth-watering, saliva-inducing, grilled-to-perfection piece of Danish ground beef — he started selling the world’s best burger from the back window of his van to hungry Copenhageners. And thus, the YO food truck was born.

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