YOBURGER is based on three value propositions; the right ingredients, prepared in the right way and served with the right experience. More than anything, we are motivated to create and deliver great products and we value YO Members who can help us move the needle on quality, execution and spirit. Moreover, at YOBURGER we pay a lot of attention to detail and believe that it is all the subtle differences that create the significant changes: from the people we hire and trust when obligating responsibilities, to how the beef is prepared and what cut of meat is used in the burger.


We offer you to become part of the YOBURGER team where you will engage in an exciting work atmosphere. The people in our environment represents a thrilling culture, that highly values great and meaningful personal relationships combined with excellence and hard work. As for your own personal development, YOBURGER puts great effort into making our employees the best within the field and you will take on a lot of responsibility from day one where you will learn on the go as you go through our trainee program.


YOBURGER is ambitiously pursuing growth and that leaves great opportunity for the members of our team to pursue a career path within the organization. As we are constantly scouting for new locations we are simultaneously working towards developing regional- and store managers to administer our current and new operations.


We are searching for people whose personality is a great fit with the YOBURGER environment. That means you must be able to think independently, be open minded and enjoy meeting and socializing with new people. Moreover, we highly value people with high integrity, strong values and a great drive. It is an advantage if you have experience in the restaurant industry but not a requirement.


Apply via the formula in our link where you must attach CV and a picture of yourself. Make sure to tell us why you want to work at YOBURGER and what you can bring to the team. We read all of our applications very carefully, so make sure to put some effort into it. If you have any questions regarding our hiring process please direct them to apply@yoburger.dk.