Our signature YOBURGER is made from fresh, crispy lettuce, perfectly ripe tomatoes, our very own world-famous Magic Sauce, melted American cheese, heavenly Danish ground beef (made from only the tastiest cuts of Denmark’s juiciest cows), all held together in a Belgian-butter-toasted brioche burger bun. But just like Mr. Krabbs and his prised Krabby Patty burger, that’s all we’re going to tell you ingredients-wise. Nice try.


The newest add-on (or burger-BFF) to your burger order is our YOCHICKEN TENDERS (think chicken nuggets but bigger and better). Made from the most tender and juicy chicken inner fillet. These hot chicks are crunchy and fried to perfection. It’s worth to note that it is officially against the law in Denmark to enjoy these glorious fried chicken strips without at least three of our YODIPS. So don’t go breakin’ no laws now…


For all our YOVEGO friends, the YOCRISPY VEGGIE is our signature vegetarian burger -- without really tasting anything like a vegetarian burger. The patty of this bad boy is one-of-a-kind: a huge portobello mushroom that is slow cooked until it’s as tender as a mushroom can be, then filled with two types of melted cheese (that will 100% end up in and around your mouth) then covered with the crunchiest bread crumbs before being fried to absolute veggie perfection. No, this is not a salad. Nor is it vegan. (Working on that one). This is greasy and dirty and messy and guaranteed to fill those deep, dark burger fantasies just as well as our YOBURGER would.


Ah, Chipotle (pronounced chip-ot-YO-le). For those who crave a little spice in life. If you’re reading this trying to figure out how we made our Chipotle taste so damn good, you came to the wrong place… because we’ve signed a non-disclosure agreement with the Mexican government so we are legally bound to secrecy. What we can tell you is that the recipe involves dried chili, pickled chili, mayo and Pablo Escobar.


Do you like to spice it up? Our diyonaise is best described as a little spicy fatty with a twist of lemon. The combination of mayo, dijon mustard and lemon juice is perfect if you like a kick but not too much of a kick. Our crispy danish velfærds-chicks from Happy Chicken are kicky but also tender and that’s why the diyonaise is a perfect fit for the YOCHICKING.


The newest member of the flock is our YOCHICKING fried chicken burger. Made from the most tender and juicy chicken thigh, this hot chick first bathes happily in rich buttermilk with syrup for a whole 24 hours. Then it’s dipped in whipped egg whites before being coated top to thigh with our classic southern-style blend of flour, YOSPICE and a few other magic ingredients. Once we’ve fried it to perfection, it’s sandwiched between two slices of Belgian-butter-toasted brioche burger bun (say that really fast) — along with pickles and deliciously bitter French frisée salad — only to be topped off with the delightfully sharp taste of our house-made DIYONNAISE. Voila!


Every single YODIPS that finds its way into your hungry hands is prepared fresh, from scratch. The base is made from the killer combo of egg and oil, and then we add various magical ingredients to make up your fries’ (and probably your own) best friend.


You know Narnia? And the secret wardrobe? We’ve got one kind of like it. We found it in our stock basement. Only instead of a mystical land filled with lions and centaurs, there was just stacks and stacks of Magic Sauce. Like, tonnes of the magical stuff. We usually tell people it’s a unique mixture of mayo, ketchup and mustard when really we have absolutely no idea what’s inside it. But it sure tastes like magic.


Do you know how the truffles for our mayo are collected? No, they’re not sniffed out by pigs, that would be ridiculous. They’re hand-picked and delivered by little elves we found with the Magic Sauce in the wardrobe. Only the best, strangest-looking mushrooms make the cut, then they’re mixed with our world-class mayo to create what you now know as TRUFFLE MAYO — YO welcome.